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Enjoy a totally perfect dayCharter experiences in Mallorca

Puerto de Sóller
Full Day

Day Charter

Spending a few days with your loved ones is fine, but if you can also do it on the high seas, with the impressive views of the coves of Mallorca, the sea breeze, while you bathe in crystal clear water and with some laughs, much better.

Choose from our selection of boats and forget about day to day. Just think about enjoying a day at sea with us.

What includes?

Enjoy a whole day (from 10:00 to 18:00) throughout the northern area, exploring all its corners, many of them inaccessible if not with a boat. Also, it includes:

  • Courtesy drinks pack 
  • Snacks pack: optional (under request)

Moments you will never forget

Charter experiences in Mallorca

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